About Us

Mermed Australia is a family owned manufacturer and provider of cost effective and innovative technology-based solutions, customised to meet the specialised needs of businesses and users.

Since its inception in 1990, Mermed Australia has become one of Australia’s leading suppliers of custom labels for medications and surgical instruments, as well as ergonomic furniture and workstations for sterilising medical equipment.

With an eye always on the horizon, Mermed Australia has now expanded its operations into advanced technologies. Mermed Technologies is an exciting new step in Mermed’s vision to provide cutting edge services to its Australian customers.

Why Mermed

We’re experienced, we’re proudly Australian and we’re committed to upholding the world’s best standards in every aspect of our business. Through our depth of experience we understand that safety and wellbeing can only be achieved through a commitment to quality products, precision, excellence in customer service and flexibility. This is our promise to our customers.

Our Advantage

At Mermed Technologies, we use the latest technology to ensure our solutions and products are designed and manufactured with absolute precision. As local manufacturers, we are able to provide a level of service that other suppliers are unable to achieve. A quick and efficient turnaround, with no requirement for minimum orders, sets us apart from competitors. We also offer a unique level of flexibility through our provision of customised products and tailored solutions.

  • We are flexible because we value every customer;
  • We are responsive, honest and transparent because we are committed to world class service; and
  • We customise our products and services because we understand our customer’s needs.

Our Difference

If you have a challenge, decades of experience tell us we have the solution.

At Mermed Technologies we’re striving to be the standard bearer in innovation, invention and customer responsiveness. We are committed to introducing new products and non-traditional solutions. Mermed Technologies is consistently looking to add new products and services to our growing range through our investment in technology and innovation. Our rates and terms are competitive and the facilities are available on weekends and outside regular business hours.

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